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Meet The Gang

Tech Team

Alexis - Lighting

Alexis is part of Facelift's "dream team" of lighting technicians. Paired with Hugo Roy, he is responsible for mounting the lighting and technical set ups throughout the Facelift shoots. Constantly on the move, you will frequently see him adjusting a light or diligently at work in the background. He is extremely passionate about production and works on a variety of shoots. His sense of humor and commitment are greatly appreciated by his co-workers. What is not so well known about Alexis, is that he is quite a handyman himself. He recently renovated his loft putting to use the wealth of knowledge that he has garnered from working closely with Debbie and the gang.

His favorite Facelift moment is when Christine returned early and caught the Facelift team napping.

Catherine - Director

"Cat" is a fun loving Taurus who is the captain of the Facelift ship. She loves movies, especially artistic foreign films and big budget romantic comedies. She likes all kinds of music as long as it sounds good being played loudly in her car. When she's not working she likes to do more snow boarding, travelling and shoe shopping. On set she keeps a close eye on all the action. She is a true people person; loves groups and almost all people. She only ever gets upset when she is around selfish, rude and/or insincere folks.

Her favorite Facelift moments include Karen Flam's arrival and Angelo's reaction to his wife's return (she's a sucker for tears).

Erick - Director of Photography

"Rico" is a thoroughbred of the Facelift stable. He's quick and efficient behind the camera, and his work is always of the highest quality. Similar to Barry, he is usually very focused on the task at hand, however he too has an alter ego. When the moons are aligned in a specific way, Erick goes from calm and controlled to hysterical and hyper. His sense of humor is a true source of inspiration for the Facelift crew and his laugh is certainly one of the best on set. When he's not working on Facelift or any of his other productions, Erick loves to hang out with his family and friends. He has a passion for films, music and has a great appreciation for a good meal. WARNING: Do not rush Erick when he's eating.

Erick's favorite Facelift moment is the thunderstorm that drenched Debbie in Sian's Garden.

Hugo - Lighting

In spite of incessant rumors to the contrary, Hugo is not the real life Harry Potter. With the spiky hair and the glasses, as well as his magical ability with electricity, it's easy to understand where the confusion has come from. Hugo is frequently seen adjusting lights or giving his trademark "thumbs up". He has a wicked sense of humor and enjoys movies, music and travel. He secretly aspires to one day have Jason's hair.

His favorite Facelift moment is the reaction of Donato's son Marco to the Facelift crew waking him up.

Jean - Sound Man

"Giovanni Asselini" is Facelift's earphone wearing, boom pole carrying, funny hat wearing, resident goof. When he is not making jokes, he is responsible for capturing all the wonderful sounds you hear during a Facelift episode. Known for his sense of humor and shoulder melting massages, Jean is a happily married father. Whether it's stuffing tissue in the cameramen's viewfinders, or wearing lamps on his head (or pots, or oven mitts, orů) Jean constantly keeps everyone laughing.

His favorite Facelift moments are his shirtless appearance in Sian's Garden and his brilliant use of sandpaper in M.C.'s Office.

Jennifer - Assistant Director

Jen is Cat's 'First Mate' on the Facelift ship and her second pair of eyes. You'll often see her running around in the background, or on her phone setting up the next show. She gets our homeowners ready for the Facelift experience (but are they ever really ready?) and tries to make sure things run smoothly on set. In her spare time, she loves hanging out with friends, traveling and spending time with her awesome niece Mia.

Jen's favorite Facelift moment is Debbie marshalling Bob's plane in, as she's about to reveal his new garden.

Mireille - Make-Up Artist

Mireille is Facelift's Make-Up Artist. Often seen powdering the noses of hosts and homeowners alike, she is passionate about her craft. As a little girl, her older brother forced her to watch countless horror movies, which may or may not be the root of her passion for make-up. She likes movies of all kinds. Mireille loves travel and likes to relax with a nice glass of wine. She is known on set for her intimate knowledge of the craft table and her variety of goodies: moisturizer, hand cleaner, Wet Ones, and gum.

Her favorite Facelift moment is the 70s sequence in Nadia's Basement - make up forever!

Petro - Videographer

"Pet" is frequently seen scampering through shots, dressed in black and carrying a camera on a stick. While his appearance suggests a camera wizard of some sort, he is in fact, just a normal guy. He does a variety of work in television and related media and is very creative.

Petro is known on set for capturing EVERYTHING that happens. His camera is always on and he always seems to be there when the paint spills or the mirror breaks (coincidence?). He is a constant source of energy and has a laugh that is more infectious than the chicken pox.

His favorite Facelift moments are the undercover taping of people leaving - especially at 4 AM or earlier.