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Meet The Gang

Art Team

Anne - Art Director

Anne sees a room as a blank box, which can be brought to life with different shapes, textures and color. As a child she was constantly rearranging her bedroom. Even now she finds it hard to resist the temptation to rearrange spaces - in fact she has been black listed at several furniture stores for re-arranging their display windows.

On set she is known for her vigilant attention to detail and her very distinct way of wearing the Facelift denim jacket.

When not leading the Facelift art team with her creative genius, Anne likes to spend time with her son, and keeps healthy by sailing, mountain climbing and hiking.

Her favorite Facelift moments are too numerous to recall.

Beata - Painter

Beata is affectionately referred to on set as "Beats" or "Beater". She is a hard-working mother of two who is extremely proud of her Polish heritage. Her artistic work on Facelift is only the very tip of her creativity. She also works as a photographer and is a connoisseur of 17th-19th century art. She often ends up passionately "discussing" Polish- English relations with Debbie. She is well loved on set for, amongst a long list of qualities, her sense of humor, most evident when she tells her infamous Russian hat joke.

Her favorite Facelift moments always involve homeowners crying - or anyone crying for that matter.

Derek - Carpenter

Derek is most recognizable for his ink - the tattoos are hard to miss. "Boudge" as he is known amongst the Art Team, is as laid back as they come. Always calm and under control, well almost always; he is a true professional. His preferred carpenter's accessory is his shaded safety goggles. With a love for lobster (see tattoo 76B, left shoulder) rivaled only by a passion for sports, Derek one day hopes to launch the National Lobster Trapping League. If all were to come together perfectly, he would also have Jason's hair.

His favorite Facelift project was the slate cutting marathon (see Guinness Book of World Records™ pg. 49842) on "Karen's Living Room". A close second was the use of his tattoos as the subject matter for digital photos in Maggie's Bedroom.

Florent - Project Manager

Florent always has a smile for everyone.

This energetic project manager coordinates Anne's designs and turns them into reality without breaking a sweat! He has the talents of a carpenter, electrician and project manager and the patience of Job. His passions include watching his son grow up and playing guitar, fishing, camping, skiing, hockey and his amazing and awe-inspiring magic tricks.

His favourite Facelift moment: playing pranks, especially the ones where Debbie is the main target.

Jason - Carpenter

"Jay" or "Tusty" is Facelift's resident rocker. Not only does he hammer out a nail with the very best of them, he is also a drummer in Soft Canyon, a growing Indie rock band legend. Jay's passion for rock and roll rarely interferes with his work on Facelift, although he does have a habit of playing air guitar with any and all "playable" tools - curtain rods being a crowd favorite. His hair is legend on the Facelift set - in fact, Debbie insists that you can predict the weather based on its volume. Perhaps as a result of Debbie's affection for Jason's hair, many other art team members aspire to have a similar 'do'.

One of his most memorable moments was when he shot a nail into his thumb on "Ali, Maggie & Nico's Bedrooms".

Jessica - Production Assistant

"J-Ro" is a feisty Leo with a strong arm. She coaches girl's softball, enjoys the outdoors, camping, cooking and organizing large parties for her friends. The youngest of the Facelift team, Jessie has a background in interior design and likes clean, modern minimalist arrangements. She likes getting her hands dirty and really giving it her all on projects.

Since J-Ro spends most of her time running around gathering supplies for the show, her favorite Facelift moments usually happen late at night-when the real work gets done!

Jim - Painter

Jim is a Scorpio from Loch Lommond, Scotland. He is a passionate member of the Facelift Team. His creativity and expertise in faux finis are invaluable assets in the team's pursuit of excellence. His sense of humor and ability to turn the color of a tomato when made to laugh make him a very popular Facelift-er.

Splashing paint is Jim's passion, and he can go overboard from time to time: just ask Oscar his Dachshund or Bubblegum the cat… Whenever in Jim's company, the best advice is, keep moving or you will be painted! Jim likes to relax in his studio painting Old World style paintings and Russian Icons. His affinity for curly toed Aladdin style sandals, incense, exotic music and eastern décor are inexplicable.

His favorite Facelift moment is when Debbie presents him with new underwear at Marilyn's.

Jose - Lead Painter

Jose, whose real identity shall remain a secret, is the Lead Painter on the show. An intuitive Pisces, his interests include hockey pools, country music and Uma Thurman.

Jose has a background in set and scenic painting and is responsible for a litany of duties which range from plaster to paint to finish carpentry all of which he fulfills with a disciplined attention to the tiniest detail. A stickler for using only the finest brushes, Jose's arsenal also includes a telescopic extension pole and Beata. When not working on The Excellent Production Known As Facelift With Internationally Renowned Home Improvement Guru Debbie Travis, you might find Jose working somewhere else or at a local live music venue or at some seedy pub with one of his rudderless unemployable musician buddies. He insists that he does NOT want hair like Jason's.

His favorite Facelift moment is Marilyn's reaction to her new living room.

Julia - Set Dresser

Julia is relatively new to the Facelift team, but has quickly added to the group with an excellent eye, and razor sharp wit. She is most often seen moving frantically though the finished room adding the finishing touches - vases, picture frames, pillows, and plants. Her work extends well beyond set though, and involves hours and hours and hours of shopping, which she insists is not much fun at all. Julia can also be seen collaborating with her fellow Scot, Jim Connelly, on a variety of paint finishing techniques. As any true Facelift-er can tell you, multi-tasking is an absolute must on set.

Julia's favorite Facelift moment is Lawrence's kids' return.

Maryse - Assistant Set Dresser

Maryse has always been involved in creative fields whether it be design, music or fashion. She loves shopping - like any normal woman- and a bargain is a plus, the more obscure the better! (If only she could roll up in an Aston Martin rather than a cube truck!)

Her dream is to blitz through Europe and come back with unique treasures. A rather dishy bloke with a London accent wouldn't be all bad either.

Maryse is a very active person - dancing to good music is an absolute must. Always laughing and joking, Maryse is a lot of fun to be around and even more fun to tease.

Maryse's favorite Facelift moment was Sigal's return.

Paul - Carpenter

Paul is a highly skilled carpenter, with an intense attention to detail. A perfectionist in many ways, he is only satisfied when the job is done perfectly. He loves his work, but also enjoys life off the set. In his free time, Paul likes to indulge in his passion for Latin America. Having traveled extensively in both Central and South America, his Spanish and his salsa are as good as his carpentry skills.

His favorite Facelift moment is in "Gregory's Bedroom", where upon his arrival, he immediately had to cut a desk in half to get it through the door. "Measure twice and cut once folks" Paul says with a trademark wink and a smile.

Peter - Decorative Painter

Peter is a Pisces from Portugal who loves every minute of work with the Facelift Team. His steady hand and 'nose to the grindstone' work ethic ensure that all of the challenging paint finishes that Facelift attempts end up looking superb. When he's not giving people Facelifts, Peter enjoys looking at pictures of his much-awaited new toy: a Harley Davidson™. Note: if you have ever been a passenger in Peter's car you will be able to attest that to accept a ride on his beloved Harley, referred to as the "Silver Hog", would be nothing less than a death wish. Playing with Chip, his very active wirehaired Jack Russell and painting large abstracts in his studio, keep this speed demon relaxed.

His favourite Facelift moment is working with Lawrence on Ali's dresser.

Sarah - Assistant Art Director

Sarah is a Journalism graduate who dreams of one day traveling around the world and writing a book or filming her adventures. Her true passion is for fashion and it has won her the title of "fashion consultant" among her friends and family. She is easy going but never misses the opportunity for sarcasm or a good joke, while always getting the job done. She keeps the Facelift art team organized and on the ball and tends to obsess over organizing the art studio.

When Sarah is off duty, she loves to go dancing with her 9 best girlfriends, playing with her new puppy Jackson and visiting her family in Houston, Texas where she spends most of her time on the beach!

Sarah's favorite Facelift moment was on Bob's A-Frame. It poured rain and she played in the mud with Sara, Bob's grand-daughter.

Travis - Equipment Manager

When Travis is not listening to AC/DC on the set, he is lobbying the crew to attend the premiere of Gigli. But make no mistake about it, Travis' passion lies in Travis isn't all rugged good looks and big hands. His most cherished hobby is crooning with his guitar to any female ear. The man who recently turned 30 has shifted his sights to conquering the world, or at least, the world of home improvement. With a name like Champion, how can you expect anything less?