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Valerie's Farmhouse
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The rustic charm of this 200-year-old farmhouse was wearing thin when Valerie made her plea for help to Debbie and the Facelift crew. The main kitchen area was small, with a cranky, old stove and fridge and the summer kitchen had paint hanging in peeling strips from the ceiling. The main floor as a whole was in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint and some inspiration to highlight the gorgeous old bones of this family home.


The kitchen is truly the hub of a farmhouse and we wanted to create a space where the daily grind of cooking and seasonal preserving would be easier. A non-bearing wall was knocked down to widen the kitchen making room for a center island that houses the new stove, and tiles were laid on the countertops and backsplash.

Tin ceilings are a major component of this style and we went for the real thing in both kitchens. They can be primed with metal primer and then painted, but we opted for their natural polished finish, which gleams and reflects the light and pastel wall colours. To everyone's delight, the old linoleum floor was ripped up to reveal the original cheerywood floor.

There was a priceless supply of barn boards on hand as well as planks milled from a tree that had to be taken down in their front yard. Our carpenters built a rustic pot rack and a huge dining table from this wood that held special meaning to the family. Recycling from the past is a perfect way to keep memories alive and continue building history.

Beautiful wood wainscoting throughout the home was left untouched (except in the kitchen), and the upper walls in the living room and hall were painted cheerful shades of mauve and blue. A colourwashed stripe now runs around the rooms to add even more character to the plaster walls.

To make a focal point of the main wooden staircase, we stenciled a pattern on the risers. This touch of whimsy is the first thing you see when entering the house and complements the rustic, welcome appeal of the main floor.

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