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Margaret's Kitchen And Deck
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Twenty plus years without cabinet door knobs, cooking on an old stove and uncomfortable seating did little to inspire Margaret in her tired kitchen. The wood cabinets were serviceable but dated. The television sat on a trolley by the kitchen door. And there was no relief outside; the adjoining deck was weathered and forgotten. This hub of the home screamed out for a Facelift.


When you spend as much time as Margaret does in her kitchen, it's well worth the effort to make it both functional and fabulous. With the power of paint, some new trim and hardware, and tumbled stone tiles, we boosted this busy family centre into a whole new realm. We brought a sense of light-hearted Caribbean style to the cabinets by inserting lattice into the upper doors and applying a pretty aged finish over all the cabinetry.

Colours are fresh and light topped with an amber ceiling to radiate the warmth of the sun. Employing the age-old secrets of trompe l'oeil, a fake window pane and sea view were painted onto the flat cupboard doors that hide the laundry. This visual trick opens up the end of the narrow kitchen with visions of a sailboat floating by just a few feet from the kitchen. What an inspiration!

Margaret loves watching TV while she prepares meals for her grateful and loving family, but the awkward trolley in the doorway had to go. We mounted and framed a flat-screen TV on the wall, hiding all the wiring behind and inside a narrow storage unit. New seats painted white and a white wrought iron chandelier are in keeping with the Island theme.

The deck has been transformed into an inviting outdoor oasis. An innovative wood floor system covers the unsightly cement, the wrought iron railings are painted black and a wooden handrail adds a handsome decorative detail, stained to match the floor. A custom built high wall was built as a support for the lion-head fountain, and doubles as storage for garden equipment. This welcome space is a second seating area just steps from the kitchen, opening up Margaret's home to casual, summer style.

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