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Shauna's Basement
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The basement was designed in the 70s as an adult recreation room. The signature heavily decorated bar was the focal point, with a textured stucco ceiling, dark paneled wainscoting, and parquet floor. The space was neither child-friendly nor appealing to Shauna and Rico, who wanted a play area for their children.


This young family required a multi-functional room centered around children, but also a place where Shauna and Rico could relax and watch TV. With kids in mind, the Facelift team designed a visually stimulating area filled with cheerful colours, tactile textures, moving shapes and figures.

There are self stick letters of the alphabet on the freshly painted parquet floor, and shelves cleverly designed with geometric shapes to look like running men in different poses.

Cheerful raspberry and polka dot walls and a wavy ceiling are irrepressibly fun. The old bar was ripped out and a wall of storage cabinets was built to hide Rico's wide-screen TV, and also provide lots of space for toys. Strips of old wainscoting taken down from the walls were lightened up and reused to face the front and sides of the plain laminate cabinets.

A three piece play table and comfy sofas finish off the family room where nothing is too precious to explore and enjoy.

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