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Melanie's Loft
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This magnificent 2000-square-foot loft space was suffering from out-dated decorating syndrome. The faux finished walls no longer fit the modern mood of the homeowners. They were also struggling with the layout, which is a common challenge in large, open-spaced designs.


The first consideration was colour. The fabulous high arched windows make a strong architectural statement in the loft, and I chose a very fresh Granny Apple green to accentuate the lines and shapes. The window wall was then subdued slightly with white sheers so that the huge windows didn't overpower the living space.

We then defined the kitchen area by building a partial wall and decorating it with thin wood slats. The lower cabinets are still visible and were the perfect place to add the sizzle of fuchsia. This modern treatment adds more stunning geometry to the room.

Large spaces demand large solutions, and beg for experimentation. With 15-foot ceilings, light fixtures can be big and bold. We designed a huge swirly ceiling light for the central living area, and dropped a series of pendants from long, looping wires over the dining room table.

Long, low sofas and funky upholstered chairs, frosted glass and glossy surfaces are contemporary elements that relate to Melanie's quest for an updated and fresh approach to loft living.

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