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Michael's New Digs
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Collecting interesting artifacts and memorabilia is a lifelong passion for many people, but there is a line that shouldn't be crossed between eclectic displays and way too much stuff. In this duplex apartment, you couldn't see the forest for the trees.


High ceilings and elegant wide archways are prominent architectural elements in Michael's home and should be focal features. Once the rooms were cleared out, we went wild with colour. You've got to be very brave to take this stand, but the results are spectacular, and we didn't stop at the walls! Vibrant hues slightly paler than the walls continue onto the ceilings as white would be too stark. There's cantaloupe in the living and dining rooms, absinthe atop the bright green entrance hall, and sky blue above the bedroom's aubergine walls.

The kitchen is reminiscent of a New York apartment in tones of chocolate brown and dark gray. Vintage style turquoise appliances are the star of the show. However, the style of freestanding storage, black and white floor tile and white subway tile suit the historic ambiance.

To cover the large arched entrance to the bedroom, we made a decorative curtain of beads that contributes to the character of the dramatic space as well as some needed privacy. A combination of vintage colonial and ethnic chic furnishings and details in the entrance hall, living and dining rooms completes the stunning Facelift.

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Stenciled Pattern Dado Bench Sofa Beads Sofa Island Appliances