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Cassandra's Basement
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This large, L-shaped basement had a high ceiling and lots of room, but little character. The space was being used for mom's home office, family room seating, and a practice space for Cassandra's rock n roll band. Organization and spiced-up dÈcor were badly needed.


Rock n Roll music requires a radical backdrop, and the zingy yellow paint really gets the point across in this basement Facelift. When you want to kick up the decorating, think outside the box for ingenious materials to work with. That doesn't mean expensive. Our funky coffee table is decorated with washers and cement. Floor tiles are cut from medium density fiberboard. The neon shelves have coloured Plexiglass dividers, and the room dividers are plastic board. From fun fur to bold coloured plastics, the elements combine to make a young, hip space.

Although the room's focus is band practice and teenage fun, mom did require somewhere to work. A corner of the room was designated office space and separated by a moving wall. We toned down the colour to a relaxing shade of blue and the mood changed instantly.

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Coffee Table Shelf Unit Floor Wall Art Heat Shield Heat Shield Coffee Table Floor Divider Divider Floor