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Nick's Office Refuge
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The rooms in this home were in good shape, but plain -- there were no architectural details to add character. The den had a brick wall that looked out-of-place with the homeowners' style, and the brick fireplace in the living room was also quite dated and boring. The overall take on the space was a bit too staid for a young couple anticipating arrival of their first baby.


The problem with Nick's home office was that it was in the wrong room. A quick switch was needed to free up space for their new baby and Nick couldn't be trusted to make the move. We had decided to convert the main floor den into a super home office, and once we were there, we couldn't resist giving a healthy dollop of British flair and detail to the living and dining rooms as well.

The first priority for any office space is a good desk and plenty of shelves to store books and files. These were built under and around the window and spread out onto adjacent walls. The brick wall was covered with drywall, and a comfy couch and calm sand paint tone on the walls are all that were needed to create the perfect atmosphere for Nick to work. Of course, he would also be able to relax and play in this room of his own.

Nick is a Brit, and the Union Jack and a framed photo of the Queen he had on display in his old office gave us a clue that he longed for a taste of merry old England. So we designed the living and dining room dÈcor around traditional Georgian style, but employed a modern touch by painting in white. The foundation of this British design includes deep ceiling and crown mouldings, door trim, wall paneling, a grand fireplace, and comfortable furniture. Although there is now an abundance of detail, we kept the colours light with the exception of a stunning mahogany stained dining room table built by our talented carpenters, and an ornate console that is clad in leather and topped with a classic painted faux marble.

These three rooms are now inviting and full of interest; the sunburst mirror, a painted sisal carpet, a chandelier revitalized with white paint, the intricate console, and of course, the Flag mounted above the handsome new fireplace are all special touches that combine to make this a grand place to call home.

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