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8 Kids Basement
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As is often the case when you live in one spot for a number of years, this basement was an overcrowded jumble of worn out, mismatched furniture and an accumulation of junk that hadn't made it out the door yet. Sagging ceiling tiles and holes in the wall paneling were signals that it was time to take stock. With a house full of teenagers, dad felt it was their job to fix up the chaos they had, in large part, created.


Although dad was thinking of knotty pine and stucco for his future basement redo, I thought that an updated 70s look would be more fun and would suit the character of his busy gang of teens. Glossy, walnut stained veneer paneling for the walls and exotic leaf green vinyl floor tiles look very cool indeed. The durable floor tiles have the appearance of hammered metal, and make a great surface for the computer table as well. The new ceiling is now a fabulous focal point instead of an eye sore! The painted tiles are easy to produce, and replace.

The basement room is long and narrow, which is a design challenge described as bowling alley syndrome. I solved this by using pared down furniture, and divided the space into separate zones so that all the kids could do their own thing without falling over each other. The geometric pattern on the ceiling also helps to break up the length of the room.

There's rarely enough space for more than one person at the computer, so I set up a long table made from a hollow core door and supplied plenty of chairs. This work/play area is set up at one end of the room so a small group can gather round.

In the lounge area, I placed a slim sofa along the side of the room directly across from the flat-screen TV. Storage is simple and accessible. Inexpensive shelving units have been turned on their sides and stacked in cube formation around the TV. We also built two small round coffee tables, which help to keep the traffic flowing -- and there are no pointed corners to bump into.

If possible, the laundry room underwent an even bigger transformation. With all the junk removed and every surface painted white, this space became an inviting spot in which to work. We installed a new washer and dryer, some cleverly designed storage units, and cheerful fabric cover-ups to complete the Facelift.

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