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Tina's Full House
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This 60s, open plan bungalow had good architectural features including a high v-slope ceiling and large fireplace. Tina also had an exotic mix of furnishings and art objects. But none of the focal features of this happy family home was given its due. The overall impression was cluttered and a bit bland, which did not suit Tina's busy, upbeat lifestyle.


By accentuating the positive attributes in any room you will achieve an immediate and exciting transformation. I began with the soaring ceiling, adding a series of beams that were aged and painted to look like old barn boards. This detail draws the eye up, giving the room a feeling of grandeur. Then, to pump up the ambiance, I chose a warm raspberry for the large expanse of walls and made it even more spectacular by applying tinted plaster over a base coat of paint. The silky smooth texture and brilliant colour of the Venetian plaster creates a stunning backdrop for Tina's furniture.

The fireplace surround was redesigned to complement the room's new, modern appeal, and is now long and low. The ebony gray surround and mantel run the length of the wall, and Tina's mask collection becomes an important highlight in the room.

Indonesian style couches are low and comfy-casual, set up on a large pink and orange, kid-friendly area carpet that is really a series of carpet tiles that can be laid down in any design you choose. (Please see resources.)

Updated materials and colours and a few extra storage tricks brought fresh, new life to the kitchen. Plain white melamine cabinets were painted the palest shades of yellow and turquoise. A series of boxes built in above the cabinets, and a shelving unit over the stove give Tina the space she needs to display her colourful collection of Fiestaware. The kitchen was large enough to house a center island that not only offers more preparation and storage space, but also has become family central for eating, doing homework and catching up with each other's busy schedules. Enclosing the new refrigerator gave us space to hang a custom designed notice board that helps everyone stay on track.

This home now reflects the high energy and enthusiasm of Tina and her three fantastic children. It's bright and modern, with bold strokes of colour and exotic charm.

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