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Andre's Main Floor
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The small rooms on the main floor were furnished with beautiful antiques and window coverings, hand picked by André. The walls were stately beige -- not a bad choice, but a little uninspired. The kitchen was the eyesore. Cheap white melamine cabinets and a bulky island in the middle of this tiny space looked sad and out of place.


Beige is often chosen as the perfect backdrop for rooms that have fine furniture and artwork so that the eye is not distracted. But André and Puelo's living and dining rooms called out for more passion, more drama to suit their personal lifestyle. Resonant tones of aubergine (eggplant) have a regal quality that complements the furnishings. Gloss paint was applied to both rooms, and a subtle pattern of circles in a matte sheen was painted onto the living room walls. For the ceilings, white would have been too stark against the deep purple, so we mixed silver and gold metallic paints together with a bit of glaze and rollered it on. The result is a softly shimmering silver green that is quite magical.

The kitchen required a serious overhaul. Cabinets were given a new veneer face, stained and varnished to look like fine old weathered wood. A new black counter, matte black sink and antique brass faucet are gorgeous, and boost the style to match the rest of the home. The proportions of the new island fit the space, and we chose a luxurious slab of granite to set into a wood and black metal frame. Different sized black and white stripes keep the mood young, but still sophisticated.

A pass-through was knocked out between the kitchen and dining room so that these areas are now linked. The faux leather banquette contributes style as well as extra seating. Now the rooms on the main floor share the same hip and dramatic feeling.

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