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Tracey's Kitchen And Dining Room
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Leo and Tracy had just bought this wonderful old house and their decorating budget was non-existent. Like most Victorian homes of this size, the rooms are small and the hallways narrow. It had been well cared for, which is always a bonus, but the white painted walls throughout the main floor, including new white kitchen cabinets, were uninspiring for a young, hip couple. The parquet floors were also in good shape, but a blah shade of mid-brown. It looked like we had a blank slate to work on.


Although Leo and Tracy had fallen in love with the architecture of an old Victorian style house, Tracy's interior decorating taste was decidedly more upbeat. Her best buddy Michael assured us Tracy dreamt of modern hotel style, with lots of chocolate browns and metallic touches. Well, done with care, these two opposite poles can meet very successfully.

We designed the entire main floor so that there would be a continuous flow of color and character. Part of the wall between the hall and dining room came down and the new opening was finished with trim and crown moulding. The parquet floors throughout were not only stained a richer, deep brown, but we taped off a pattern of small squares and left them the original color. This easy, but sophisticated design trick is an inexpensive way of updating the floor.

Blue and brown are a traditional pairing, always gorgeous together. The modern feel is created here with time-honored materials applied in a contemporary manner. Leather tiles produce a sensuous dining room wall, and tinted glass on the kitchen backsplash complements the steel appliances. Unbroken lines are clean and sleek, so that the eye moves easily from the dark wood dining table and floating shelf to the kitchen's wood center island and pot rack. The curved lines seen in the living room's organic furnishings are inviting and complete the yin and yang of the main floor's aspect.

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