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Bob's Deck
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Bob's a true reno guy -- he loves a project. He had built this gazebo and deck and they were both structurally A OK and serviceable. What was lacking was a cohesive design flow that drew you in to sit awhile, unwind and reflect on the gorgeous countryside that surrounded their fishing camp and home. Easier access to the gazebo and some stylish outdoor furniture were necessary first steps.

The garden area around the house was sadly neglected; there were no points of interest to take in while Bob and Donna relaxed outdoors. On such a large property this can be a daunted task, but well worth the plans and the labor.


Outdoor living spaces have become wildly popular over the last few years. A great deal of attention is being directed toward building beautiful backyard gardens and furnishing them with an eye on style as well as practical living. This is what Donna was looking for. She and Bob weren't using their gazebo or deck as it stood.

We began by installing a double door entranceway to the gazebo and some additional decking. To link both areas all the wood was stained dark brown, the gazebo ceiling was painted white and a white sun canopy was hung over the deck.

We came up with some very unique solutions for outdoor furniture. Paul designed a rocker lounge using plywood arches for a base -- very cool. A champagne table on wheels has a stainless steel sink in the center that holds ice for keeping drinks cold. Unplug the sink and the melted water drains through the deck. (This is for exterior use, of course.) The tabletop has been finished with cement to look like fossilized stone. Huge plastic flower pots remain in proportion to the vast outdoor landscape.

There's plenty of seating indoors and out now; the gazebo has low, rectangular storage boxes topped with canvas covered mattresses. A table and benches made from all-weather synthetic weave sit on the deck's painted carpet.

Brilliant landscape architect Kim took full advantage of Bob's passion for one-of-a-kind design. He suspended a 2000 pound rock over a gravel bed fountain -- it is truly an awesome sight. A flagstone path was built, a rock hedge supported by heavy mesh is in place awaiting a rich growth of moss, and gardens are planted with periwinkle, geraniums, salvia and black-eyed Susans that all contribute to the seasonal colors.

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