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Jennifer's Living Room
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Looking at these blank white walls and the bare, parquet floors gives you no clues about who lives in this house. It's a barren landscape made serviceable with a couple of brown sofas and a dining room set. This is a familiar scenario faced by many of us who rent.

The good news here was that all the surfaces were clean and in good repair. Our job was to transform the main rooms into a warm and friendly home to suit the personalities and lifestyle of Barron, Jennifer and their three young children.


When you are the wife of a professional football player and have three small children, life is busy enough without having to figure out a decorating scheme every few years. For Jennifer and Barron, relocating is part of the game plan, so we showed them some quick and easy plays with paint, wood, and lighting. It's amazing what a few days and a little help from your friends can accomplish.

Under strict instructions to refrain from any wild and wacky colours, I agreed to stick to beige. As it turned out, this was a brilliant choice. I applied not one or two, but five shades of beige that range from taupe to mushroom in a grid of squares on the walls, and painted them to look like linen. The impact is quietly bold, playful and warm, and infuses instant character.

The bland entrance hall needed some attention so we built up the walls with bigger baseboards and pine wainscoting. An inexpensive hall mirror was framed with thin strips of moulding and paint, including stenciled silhouettes of the family dog. This is a homey, personal touch that extends an immediate welcome.

A series of narrow floating shelves in the dining room makes room for more family photos without taking up table surface. A swing door was installed between the dining room and kitchen, which gives the cook a break from viewing dishes, pots and pans while relaxing over dinner with friends and family.

Lighting plays an important role in any décor, and for this area I re-wired for a series of wall sconces throughout the space. Put on dimmers, the lights in these rooms can be bright or moody as the activities dictate. Deeply hued glass chandeliers sparkle over the dining room table for an updated twist on the traditional crystal chandelier.

Their comfy brown couches stayed, rearranged into an inviting setting, and a new area rug in neutral tones breaks up the cool feeling of too much bare floor. The children have a special area close by to play and still be part of the action in this relaxed family home.

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