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Toni's Bedroom
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Wow. This was a scary room -- Halloween scary. Overpowering orange walls, black shiny dressers, flouncy floral curtains and an old parquet floor all fought with each other for attention creating an edgy mood that was anything but restful. It was a case of decorating gone terrible wrong.


Toni envisioned a completely different look for her bedroom; she imagined beautiful crown mouldings and soft colours that would combine to create a dreamy, romantic mood.

Everyone felt better once the orange was gone and the walls given a creamy white, finely textured plaster finish. We concentrated on introducing layers of traditional mouldings to the room, a pared down version of the ornate design details seen in Italian mansions. A box was built around the top of the walls and covered with strips of cornice moulding, while a custom-built headboard was decorated with authentic plaster reproductions. To embellish the ceiling, we added small wooden rosettes painted to match.

A garden theme blended well with the Tuscan flavour. A bedside table was built from a wrought iron base and a plain wood top, then given a faux rust finish. Plaster flowers frame a large mirror, and we embedded a lamp inside a concrete garden urn.

The most unconventional move was to lay down a vinyl floor -- not the usual choice for a bedroom, but today's new vinyl patterns make it a winning alternative. This floor looks like slate tiles, which would be right at home in a garden room, but the vinyl is warm and soft underfoot.

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Click on the small photographs on the right to view each of the different angles of the room.

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