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The Sisters' Bedroom
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The bedroom that Imma and Andriana had shared for 25 years was a tight squeeze, and lacked any individual style. Their original veneer armoires and dressers were functional but plain and outdated. With brother Gino married and out of the house, Imma could now move into his room, which was also small, but it was to be hers alone.


Transforming these two bedrooms gave us the opportunity to tap into each girl's personal style. We designed two very different looks by re-inventing their furniture with a combination of paint, plaster and stock moldings. The colours range from sexy, dramatic Moraccan reds for Imma to a delicate combination of white and pretty pastels for Andriana. Now the girls each have a private sanctuary in which to hang out either alone or with friends.

Moroccan Boudoir

The highlight of this tiny hideaway is the fabulous bed. A framed canopy and sides were custom built around a simple store-bought bed using medium density fiberboard, and then painted to look like wood. The old furniture was treated to new life with special antiquing effects. Rich, exotic details layer the room. Imma's original armoire was decorated with panels and multiple strips of molding, and glows with a dark glossy wood patina. The faux leather table is perfect for lounging around, and also opens into a makeup table. Red walls and brightly coloured harem pillows are both luscious and fun; this plain box bedroom is now a mysterious sleeping den.

Whimsical Dreamland

Now a bedroom for one, there is space for an intimate lounging area in this pretty, tranquil space. To celebrate our modern taste for larger than life patterns Jim painted a single, huge flower on the long wall in shades of soft pink. Storage has been confined to one wall with floor to ceiling cabinets, a dresser and boxes put together using Andrianna's old furniture. Glossy white paint and new hardware unify the system. The opposite mirrored wall reflects the fresh, sophisticated ambiance of this mostly white room, softened by gentle pastel accents.

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