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Dahna and the In-laws
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The house had all the tell-tale signs of a home that had withstood years of busy family life. It was a jumble of tired furnishings, knickknacks everywhere, and the overall bland color scheme did nothing to warm up the rooms. The kitchen sits open to the dining area, but they lacked any connection; this space needed some thoughtful re-organizing and a color lift.


A cheerful, well-planned space was long overdue for this loving couple whose favourite times were spent entertaining and caring for their children and grandchildren. We went young and funky for this joyful couple, creating a festive home environment that beckons to kids of any age.

Deep coral is a happy, energetic color, not for everyone, but we chose this as the perfect antidote for Jack and Claire's dining room. We replaced their old table with an oval version that can be extended to seat their large family. The hand-painted, gold and pink chandelier is chic fun.

The living room and hall are painted in a calmer tone. Violet is a light, fresh backdrop for the wood tables and re-covered couch and chairs. Painted faux marble and gilding led the way for wood furniture and accent pieces, tying all the rooms together; the large mirror frame in the dining room and dozens of picture frames displayed on the living room wall sparkle and glow with a gold leaf finish.

The built-in kitchen table was unnecessary and took up space that we put to better use. Cabinets were re-configured and re-painted, moving the pantry items to a row of lower cabinets and creating a dazzling, glass-front curio unit beside the new stainless steel refrigerator as a focal point for their special keepsakes.

The green carpet in the living room was pitched out and a warm and durable cork floor was laid in the kitchen and living room that complements the hardwood elsewhere. This successful Facelift mirrors the mood and spirit that are so much a part of Jack and Claire. It is a traditional home with a few twists that make it even more personal.

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