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Sonia's Basement
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Our couple lived in new house, and the basement was still unfinished. The room was a large rectangle with a concrete floor and a high ceiling -- a big plus for a basement, with windows along the upper part of one wall.


There's nothing like a blank canvas to work with--you can do anything you want. Mind you, this can also be a challenge, because you don't know where to start. Well, we got inspired by Sonia's dream; our mother-to-be didn't want a playroom or a family room, she wanted a special party room with the cool ambiance of a club lounge. Sleek and chic was her preference and we had a fantastic time going that extra mile to create a space that made both Naveen and Sonia go WOW.

A palette of blue and creamy stone colours, soft textures, a silver water wall, and a faux stone bar are all elements that are seductive and soothing. We began by painting the ceiling and walls a hip and very tranquil shade of blue. Rather than the expense of textured wallpaper, bamboo panels were installed along the wall under the windows, and a second wall was stenciled with an oversized pattern of a stylized flower. The concrete floor was primed and painted with a decorative stenciled border.

Water features have become very popular, and we thought this party room wouldn't be complete without a very cool water wall to entrance and de-stress everybody.

For a modern and funky twist, a series of desk lamps were mounted along the walls and ceiling. Semi-gloss paint was used throughout the lounge as it produces a shiny, wet sheen that reflects evening lights dramatically. The slippery steel surface of the water wall is also illuminated, and makes a mesmerizing focal point.

All rooms require some type of storage solution; here we utilized plain armoires, and upholstered the doors with layers of shimmering blue sari fabric. Simple store-bought wood chairs and table were cut down and refurbished for low, lounge-like seating, and a modern sofa, chair and ottoman invite you to stretch out and relax with friends and family -- everyone, that is, but the kids. This is for adults only.

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Pattern Wall Armoire Couch Floor Floor Floor Floor Bar Couch Chairs Couch Couch Chairs Floor Floor Floor Floor Bar Water Wall Bamboo Panels Couch Chairs Water Wall Bamboo Panels Bar