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Nico's Bachelor Pad
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This dated basement apartment came complete with a harvest gold and avocado kitchen and veneer wall paneling. There was a working fireplace, but its low, ornate fa┴ade didn't suit our dream theme. White floor tiles throughout were in good shape and they would stay.

The biggest challenge in small spaces is always lack of storage cupboards and cabinets. The result is a cluttered, unorganized living area that hasn't a chance of looking good.


Our challenge was to transform Nico's drab basement apartment into the place of his dreams -- a Manhattan Loft. He loves the sleek, minimal look, and this we provided with a winning combination of built-in storage, movable wall panels, a modern Murphy bed and a revamped fireplace. The contemporary mix of black paint, white floors, plenty of steel trim and hot orange accents makes this bachelor pad irresistibly cool. And all this was accomplished on a New Jersey budget!

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