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The Honeymooners
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The second floor of Ken and Laurelle's home was a jumble of uninspiring second-hand furniture. Inadequate storage in the bedroom and office made organization a pipe-dream. The rooms all lacked character and warmth, something they both wanted very much as they began married life together.


The major feat for this Facelift was putting in a set of hidden doors between the master bedroom and the sunroom, which we preemptively planned to be a nursery. Before you start bashing holes in walls, it's important to have a qualified professional tell you if it's a load bearing wall, and how to work around hidden pipes and electrical wires. The brilliant design that joins the two rooms has built-in drawers on the bedroom side, and is flush to the wall on the nursery side. A glorious, oversized floral pattern on the duvet makes an exuberant, lighthearted focal point that inspired the colors for the walls. Storage cabinets and shelves were built in around the head of the bed to maximize usable space.

In the sunroom/nursery, the painted gingham wall pattern was continued over the new doors, which helps to camouflage the opening. Warm whites and the palest yellow/green link up with the brighter bedroom hues. An old dresser was renewed with a lacy paint finish, and topped with a tray that displays their special wedding memorabilia.

The change to the office is so dramatic that Ken looks forward to working there now. A navy accent wall tones down the bright colors elsewhere. Plenty of storage is a necessity for a well-run office, and the handmade bulletin board looks chic and modern.

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