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Mrs. Biggs' Bedroom
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The bedroom was a good size, but drab. Plain white walls had a dated wallpaper border, with matching curtain ruffle and bedspread. Along with the uninspiring décor, it was the lack of closet space that made the room unacceptable for Mrs. Biggs. Storage is usually limited to one small closet in the bedroom, which is challenging for most of us. For a clothes lover, it was a nightmare. Clothes were jammed along racks and spilled from shelving; dozens of shoes were stacked in piles, and accessories hung from every hook.


The biggest challenge was to deal with the shortage of storage space. We cut into the wall and enlarged the original closet. It's now a two-door walk-in closet--a dream come true. There's lots of room for more clothes racks, boxes and floor to ceiling drawers, all easily accessible, and splendid to look at painted in a rich plum.

The idea for the room was to build a mood of luxury and drama. We did this with color--using a palette of saturated reds and plums. The walls have a textured paint finish, which looks like crushed velvet. Bronzed moldings add both architectural interest and a regal touch.

The contrast of fresh, crisp white linens and sheers at the window heightens the impact of the sensual colours. Red velvet drapes have gold brocade headings that blend with the aged bronze moldings.

We built a glamorous headboard for the four-poster bed from plywood, and upholstered it in faux suede. Simple, store-bought armoires were treated to a crackled paint finish that transformed them into antiques. These details complete the theme for a bedroom that is now not only sumptuous and inviting, but also elegantly planned to cope with a wardrobe gone wild.

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