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Christmas Show
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Letter From Debbie

Happy holidays everyone.

I have found that there are three character types that emerge as this festive time of year approaches. There are those who love it all, and tingle at the thought of knuckling down to decorate their home for the holidays

Then, there's the exhausted woman who moves frenetically in an increasing state of panic as the holiday lists take on a life of their own. And the third group manages it all but just wants to collapse and rest throughout the big day.

Can you imagine if a magic wand was waved your way this year, and you returned home after a tough day at work, school or holiday shopping and your home was dressed and ready for the celebrations?

Well, inspired by all those past years of making Christmas and party projects with our own parents or our children, the Facelift Team and I decided to do just that. We chose three of your favorite homeowners and created a reverse Facelift.

With the help of the person we had originally surprised with a new space, we turned the tables on their spouse or children. They were only too eager to join in on a game that they could take part in this time around, and the results were just as much fun for all of us.

I would love to give you all a Facelift for the holidays, my way of saying thank you for watching. Instead I hope we have given you simple, easy ways to dress up your own home for a traditional Christmas or a Chanukah party or a lively holiday bash.

Oh, and I hate to beg, but if anyone out there fancies surprising me for the holidays I would be internally grateful.

I wish you all the happiest and healthiest Christmas, Chanukah and all the many other holidays celebrated, and, of course, a brilliant New Year.

Lots and lots of love,

Letter From Angelo

What a year! After being selected for the renovation I thought, "this is amazing!" Then I come home to the Facelift crew with my family and friends for a Christmas Party in my new basement - even more amazing! Just when I thought my basement was great, along comes the Facelift Crew with their funky Christmas decor to make it perfect for the holidays.

I really wasn't expecting anything like this. I had a feeling Nadia was up to something, since she paged me 3 times during my shift (something she VERY rarely does) but I certainly did not expect a Christmas Party! I was sooo happy to see the Facelift crew back again! What a great surprise!

You know they say never 2 without 3, and this surprise makes it 3. First the basement renovation, then we find out we're having a baby and then I get this great Christmas Surprise. You guys have helped make 2003 one of the most memorable years of life.

Thank you so much to the ENTIRE Facelift Team - Josť for his perfectionism and patience in everything he did, especially with painting the floor; Jessica "Rona" for her laughter and smile; Travis & Jason for their great attitudes - cheers, guys; Carin & Scott for picking me and seeing a potentially great renovation story and of course, Debbie & Anne for their final seal of approval and the great design that transformed our basement into a cool new 'loft'

Happy Holidays to the whole gang ... until we meet again!


PS - any ideas for a baby room?

Letter from Carly, Ali & Lauren

Just when we thought we had recovered from my Mom's Facelift we got surprised again! We all felt so special to have been included in the Facelift Holiday Special...the team has effected our lives and our home so much. We enjoyed seeing everyone again as much as we enjoyed the shock of seeing our room transformed into a gorgeous Chanukah party.

The decorations were all so thoughtful and pretty, and the disco ball might have found a permanent home. Thanks so much to the Facelift team, Debbie and all the gang, for keeping us in their hearts because they will always be in ours.

Much admiration,

Carly, Ali, Lauren

Letter form Pat

What could be better than a day at the spa? Returning to find your home decorated for Christmas by Debbie Travis and her Christmas devils.

Never in a million years did I ever expect to see Debbie again after we had worked together to complete Glenn's kitchen --much less to be on the receiving end of such an incredible surprise. I was in such a state of shock that my face went white --which, as you can see, was no small feat.

The traditional Christmas decorations were breathtaking. The care taken to design and arrangement of every aspect of the decor amazes me each day when I awaken to my own special Christmas wonderland.

Thanks to Debbie, her talented, hard-working, wonderful crew and to my special but no-longer-to-be-trusted family, Kim, Kelly, Sean, Fern, dog Molly and to my two best friends (a.k.a. Husbands # 1 and 2) Glenn and Michael.

I love you all.

Thanks again! Pat