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Holiday Cocktail Party - Toast the Season

The fastest way to conjure up the appropriate mood for a holiday bash in this otherwise serene Zen Den was with color. And not just any color. Red, red and more red promises to put everyone in a party mood. The decorations have a young, modern feel to them, with multiples of glass containers from tiny twinkling votive candles to towering vases filled with shiny red balls. Bare branches sprayed red and placed in a ceramic base are secured with fake ice cubes. The huge red wreath above the fireplace is fashioned from boughs and pine cones set ablaze with bundles of mini-lights. Any party revolves around the food and drinks table, so we trimmed a plain white tablecloth with wide stripes of holiday ribbon, decorated a real ice bucket with tinsel and berries, and made truly mod cocktail coasters and swizzle sticks to match.

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Teenage Chanukah Celebration - Family Reflections

A glittering disco ball spinning in the center of a feathery Star of David may not be the most traditional way to decorate for Chanukah, but it made a magical impression on this family of teenagers. Chanukah is the celebration of lights and it's all about family and fun, so we chose white, silver and mirrored surfaces to reflect this happy theme. Fluttery white boas slung over lampshades and sheets of mirrored rain suspended from the ceiling contribute a fairyland atmosphere to the room. A funky glass Menorah was made with test tubes for candleholders secured with heavy silver wire and enhanced with blue beads. The dazzle carried over to the table with silver leaf plates for the party treats and a table runner fashioned from dozens of small mirrors. It's young, it's fun and reflects the spirit of love and joy that is celebrated on this special occasion.

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Traditional Christmas - Family Treasures

For Pat and her family, an old-fashioned Christmas is what this season is all about. We took a step back in time for inspiration, and filled their home with simple trimmings that speak to the child in all of us. Everyone from children to grandparents rolled up their sleeves to produce homemade Christmas stockings and snowflakes. We made snow globes with figurines from the dollar store and recycled glass jars. Ornaments cut from metal is a heritage tradition, so Jim decorated a wreath with beautiful tin figures that represent the Twelve Days of Christmas and tied it to the chandelier. The shiny partridge, pears, geese and toy drums reflect the spirit of goodwill and love that makes this home sparkle all year round. The sights and smells of Christmas greet everyone as the turkey is carried to the table; there are cedar wreaths and garlands, and a bushy tree adorned with white lights and pipe cleaner snowflakes, candles glow and happy faces radiate with the happiness of being together.

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