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Karen's Kitchen & Den
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They dubbed it "the white house". White exterior, white interior and light wood floors. Not bad, just boring. We decided to tackle the kitchen and adjoining den. There was a small table in the kitchen that butted up against an island Pierre had made. Different heights and styles didn't work. (Sorry Pierre. They had to go.) The den is at one end of the kitchen, one step up. From this elevated perch, Pierre, Karen and friends enjoyed a view of the side of the refrigerator and a mishmash of odd corners and bulkheads, some made more prominent with wood trim. There was nothing of interest to break up the monotony, and Karen longed for intense color. They couldn't agree on which colors, but Karen had mentioned red!


The kitchen and den have been joined in a bright hot mix of contemporary fun, and fully balanced colors. Paint was the fastest way to wake up these spaces. Color blocks of orange and white cover the ceiling and walls. A newly built white cabinet decorated with wooden slats hides the fridge and adds needed storage space. Distinctly modern orange plastic sheeting was applied to the upper cabinet doors and framed with aluminum edges. Smokey gray melamine paint renews the old countertop and lower cabinets. The hip, new black vinyl floor keeps the equilibrium flowing between the two rooms and grounds the intense colors. Two very different tables were built to suit Karen and Pierre's lifestyle. A large table and bench decorated with slate tiles gives eat-in glamour to the kitchen. For the lounging area, a free-form coffee table on wheels has a cutout in its center inset with Plexiglas. Bold fabrics for cushions and hand-painted curtains keep the beat going, as does the funky lighting. Yes, those are desk lamps hung upside down over the kitchen table. This very hot dÈcor is cool.

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