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Christine's Bedroom
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It's obvious that decorating wasn't a priority for Christine and Tomas. Their master bedroom was dull, dated and too small to handle the overflow of books they both loved. After 30 years of marriage, they were still sleeping on a mattress on the floor. The now vacant bedroom next door was in equal need of some TLC, with kids' wallpaper from 20 years ago and a hodgepodge of furnishings.

Christine was still waiting for Tomas to bring some sense of order to their basement, which was stacked to the ceiling with more books, discarded furniture and the collections of a wonderful life with their two now grown daughters. But instead of attacking the basement, their daughters, Ingrid and Ali, wanted to surprise mom with a new bedroom. And we thought that combining two undersized rooms into a master bed-sitting room would be a perfect solution.


I had no idea what style or color palette would appeal to Christine. Judging from the state of their present bedroom, decorating was not of pressing importance. But more space is always a thrill, so with a giant leap of faith, I decided to knock a huge hole in the wall that adjoined their now married daughter's bedroom and create a master bedroom suite.

There was wood everywhere, floors, trim, doors, and the many different wood tones detracted from the overall appearance. I chose to go with a dark stain for the floors, and painted and stained the baseboards, wood trim and doors with a dark faux wood effect that imitates the look of real wood.

Yellow ocher is a favorite color of mine, as it is both dramatic and cheerful. The girls weren't so enamored, and even one of the painters said it reminded him of being in the middle of a block of cheddar cheese. But I persevered, knowing that it would look brilliant against all the dark wood.

The bed was raised from the floor with a box spring, and a funky silver antiqued headboard was fashioned from an old door. For this grand bed, we made a gorgeous duvet cover and shams from red toile fabric, the only pattern in the room. Full white curtains keep the room fresh and bright by day, and inviting at night for evenings spent reading in bed.

TV is now in the sitting room. An old sofa has been slipcovered in white cotton, plus a few new wicker chairs, and a dresser transformed with architectural prints keep the mood arty and casual.

I did know that Christine loved plants, and so I filled the rooms with greenery, building on a French country cottage mood. We took a series of close-up shots of Ingrid and Ali, had the photos developed in sepia tones and hung them in identical silver frames above the bed. These are a constant reminder that it was their lovely daughters' idea to give the bedroom a Facelift. Their idea, not mine.

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