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Lawrence's Kids' Rooms
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Each of the three kids' bedrooms required the expected tidy out, with school books and projects, posters, and old clothing scattered about. Did their dad have any idea how they kept their rooms? The worst walls to tackle were Ali's, as she had scrawled graffiti everywhere. Indelible black marker is impossible to scrub off, and this was even a tough job for high hide primer. DON'T write on your walls! Maggie's room showed some of her artistic spirit with the hot pink blanket draped over her bed. It gave us some idea where to begin. Nico's old room showed that he had a passion for war games and hobbies that included BMX bikes. It was a jumble of the first order and needed a masterful organization plan.


I love decorating kids' rooms. You can really let your imagination go wild. We designed three different looks for three very different personalities.

Ali is the eldest at 17, and it's hard to believe, given all that graffiti, that she really craved a pretty and tranquil room. It took hours of scrubbing and coats of primer, but we managed to end up with clean, calm turquoise walls. The centerpiece is the day bed, painted and dressed in soft gray tones. Its dual nature makes the room a cool hangout for almost grown up young women to lounge around, chat and even study. The walls are turquoise blue, the ceiling is mocha and fabrics are lightweight and breezy. Her old dresser didn't suit the new style, so we jazzed it up with pearly gray transfer foil. There's space for personal touches such as the framed photography over the bed, and shelves for favorite books.

Fifteen-year-old, vivacious Maggie has a passion for color and painting, and wanted a new, bigger bed. There was no stopping us! Hot pink walls set the mood for this eclectic room. Exotic fabrics in golden ochers and reds hang from the custom-made, four-poster bed. Vinyl tiles on the floor are easy to clean up after Maggie's paint sessions. Two plain melamine wardrobe cupboards were fixed up with paint and knobs for hanging bracelets, baubles and belts. To complete this lively teen bedroom, we put up a large framed mirror and huge notice board.

Nico is 12, loves camping with his dad, and military stuff, so we had some fun designing a boy scout barracks. Camouflage colors cover the walls and floor, and fat weave army netting hangs at the window. Even his camp cot bed is wrapped in camouflage fabric. Black metal shelving and lockers provide plenty of storage space, and we built Nico a safe and solid work table. This bedroom is now a perfect base of operation for any young man.

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