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Glenn's Kitchen
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It was obvious that Glenn spent little or no time in the kitchen of his lovely Victorian home. Like Old Mother Hubbard's story-book kitchen, this one was bare!

The small space was poorly designed, with boring and dated cabinetry and counters, harsh fluorescent lighting overhead, and an ugly floor.

Glenn had used up his energy and budget renovating other areas in the house, and because he ate dinner frequently at his ex-wife Pat's home--an unusual but amicable scenario, he was in no hurry to attack the kitchen.

But their 17-year old daughter, Kim, spends lots of time at her dad's house, and wanted to spruce things up a bit. Pat was also very keen to fix up Glenn's Kitchen. Maybe then he'd learn to cook.

Except for the new stove and refrigerator, there were NO redeeming features, so we ripped everything out and started fresh.


I love Facelifts that make me go WOW, and Glenn's renovated kitchen does just that. It's hard to believe this was a budget makeover, but most of the Facelift was accomplished with plywood, plaster and paint.

The plain kitchen cabinets were removed, refaced with strips of wood around the borders and painted in warm charcoal gray. Luxurious maple wood countertops were fitted into the new space, and a bar table with spindle legs and matching maple top makes a perfect place For Kim and her friends to congregate.

The floor, reminiscent of old English kitchens, is a bold custom pattern cut from three colors of linoleum. An old brass chandelier we found hiding among Glenn's antiquing treasures in the basement now sheds a kinder light over the new kitchen.

As the troops arrived to see the work in progress, everyone, from teens to grandparents, was knocked out by the Tuscany-style brick archway that frames the stove and microwave. It sets the mood for a kitchen that invites even the most reluctant novice to try a hand at cooking.

We hung a series of framed mirrors on one wall, which always makes a room feel larger. They reflect the traditional meets modern mood of this very cool and colorful new kitchen.

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