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Nadia's Basement
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The basement was right out of a 70s movie set. It came equipped with the classic parquet flooring, dark pine paneled walls, an overpowering floor to ceiling brick fireplace and Spanish-style shelving with the mortar oozing out around the bricks. It even had the quintessential drinks bar. In Nadia's words, "everything had to go." Angelo didn't have a clue where to begin. Nadia didn't have a clue that she was about to get a surprise basement Facelift.


The transformation is absolutely breathtaking. That dark, dated and over-done rec room has been demolished, replaced by a mood that is bright, modern and easy. Smooth creamy white walls cover the heavy brickwork. A series of mirror-backed cube shelving organizes clutter in contemporary style. Silky soft leather sofas, a deep pile shag rug, sleek, custom-cut coffee tables and white plaster fireplace share soothing textures and create an inviting, comfortable escape.

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