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Sian's Garden
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This backyard was not very inviting or practical for a young family with two rambunctious little girls. The deck was a worry as it had been built with pressure treated wood that contains toxic chemicals including arsenic, which leach out over time. There was no real play zone, just an old fence, some trees, no flowers and patches of weedy grass. A proper plan was needed, and some muscle power to do the digging. Could dad watch his girls and fit in a little surprise gardening over the weekend?


Sian's vision of a child-friendly Zen garden was realized in just three days under the calm direction of landscape architect Kim Nakawatase and the Facelift team. Everything in the garden is symbolic and tied to life. It includes all four elements of a Japanese Zen garden; water, rocks, plants and accents such as pathways and fences. There is a swing for the girls tucked under an outdoor shower, and a sandbox. Flagstone pathways weave around a water fountain, and lead the way to exploring various plantings. The new deck fits into the low flow of this harmonious backyard, which offers a place for relaxed contemplation as well as a play area for the whole family.

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