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Elsy's New Home
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Letter From Debbie

Hi everyone

When we first received Felipe's letter requesting a desperate Facelift we scoffed and giggled. There was no way this guy and his story could be for real. This was his dilemma.

Felipe had inherited his grandmother's home, which he had just moved into. He was in love with his girlfriend Elsy, who he had been dating for 10 years. She had refused to marry him if he insisted that they live in this house. He refused to move out as it was full of childhood memories, and his long term plan was to bring up his children in this home.

The story sounded odd. Could any girl be that shallow? How bad could the house be?

Although sceptical we decided to take a peak at this daunting place. From the minute I stepped through the front door, I was on Elsy's side. The bungalow had been untouched since Felipe's grandmother had moved in during the early sixties. It had granny green carpet, granny flowery wallpaper, granny dark wood furnishings and as Felipe said, "it smelt rather like granny." The rooms were small and pokey, and the layers of lace curtains held back the light.

All Felipe wanted was for this girl to be his wife. Always romantics, the Facelift team could not resist the challenge. We knocked down the main wall between the living room and the dining area and kitchen. This immediately opened up the ground floor, and even before fresh paint and new furniture, the house leapt into this century.

The plan was to create an open, loft-style mood in a house built for another era. The kitchen was closed off but we left a pass through window, which is once again back in vogue. We chose soft lemony yellows and off-whites for the walls and painted the floors bright white. The lace curtains were replaced with more modern sheers and the historic furniture was updated with clean-lined pieces.

The only furniture we kept was a 50's kitchen table that we found in the basement. The shape was now fashionable. We spray painted the legs chrome and the top was finished in a thick glossy layer of epoxy varnish to replicate smoky glass.

But for once the decor was not on our mind. When we saw Elsy as she entered the home for the first time, she was shocked and awe-struck by the incredible transformation. However, it was when Felipe fell to his knees that the tension became unbearable. We were hiding out in the dark, dank basement with seventy of their South American relatives. We silently watched the monitor with lumps in out throats. When Elsy finally said yes to Felipe's wedding proposal the place erupted.

I hope the two of them will be forever happy in their gleaming new home.

Love Debbie

Letter From Elsy

Dear Debbie

Speechless! That best describes the way I felt when I saw what was done by the Facelift team to the living room and kitchen. Before I could gather words to describe how pleased I was, you popped out from behind the kitchen counter and I got thrown back in astonishment. The only thing going through my mind was "Oh my God! You're Debbie Travis!"

Again, before I could convey how overwhelmed I was, my boyfriend proposed to me.

I don't know how you did it Debbie. I have been waiting for about ten years for Felipe to pop the question. It was one surprise after another, and it took me a few days and several pinches to realize that all this did happen and it wasn't a dream.

I just love the way you brightened up both rooms. Thank you for finally bringing that home out of the 60s and turning it into a beautiful happy household that my, now fiance, and I can enjoy.

You're an angel.

Love, Elsy