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Karen's Basement
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Does this basement look familiar? There is such an accumulation of dated and decrepit furniture, a dusty old carpet, boxes overflowing with memorabilia, and discarded-but-not-thrown-away school projects, there's no room for people. This space was desperately needed as a family room for Mom and her three teenage daughters, but somehow they had found neither the energy nor the budget to attack 'the pit'. Well, Mom's gone away for three days, and the girls have planned a BIG surprise for her.


This is one of the most amazing transformations we've done. Literally everything, including the broken linoleum under the carpet, was cleaned out. While the girls sorted through the boxes of books, photos, and school projects with much giggling and breaks for baking fudge, the Facelift Team laid a new floor, painted everything and shopped for just the right furnishings to produce an inviting and tranquil indoor garden room. The walls are now a sunny soft yellow with a white stenciled pattern that gives the impression of wrought iron rails trailing up the walls. Shades of pink are just right for adding joy to your surroundings and we applied it liberally to the floor, slipcovered couches and striped pillows. A work center with a special plaster finish on the desk, white bookshelves for displaying all their special memories, lamps with an attitude and this secret garden is ready for our loving family to enjoy.

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