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MC's Office
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Are you putting up with an office environment that is less than ideal? Perhaps counter-productive? Marie-Christine (MC) loved her job, but in her small office she was fighting for space along side a huge old industrial pipe. And the boring beige paint job did nothing to stimulate the work ethic. Fortunately, MC has the greatest boss on the planet, and he decided to surprise her with an office makeover. But would Mr. Bailey mind giving up part of his office space? We put his good nature to the test.


Monday morning never looked so good! There is no reason why your workspace can't be fun, and even a little funky (although that word terrified the boss.) MC''s office was right beside his; they shared a wall. To give MC a little more space, we cut a hole in this partition wall large enough to hold her filing cabinets. On her side, they now sit flush to the wall, jutting into Mr. Bailey's office. He lost a little space, but gained a very handsome cherry wood display case that fits over the cabinets. MC's walls are now a tranquil blue/gray with a grid of pebble yellow rectangles adding pizzazz and personality to the partition wall and the cabinets. And those hideous pipes have been hidden behind a stunning movable screen that's decorated with the company logo. A special metallic paint was applied under the base coat so that the screen is magnetic and doubles as a notice board. These space and decorating solutions would work well in a home office too, and the impact on the way you and MC feel about work when you brighten up your surroundings is enormous. Anyone for overtime?

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