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Gregory's Bedroom
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14-year-old Gregory's main goal in life right now is to play sports--especially hockey. He had his eye on a small room in the basement for months so he could get away from the rest of the family including his twin brothers, who shared a room down the hall. Of course the twins saw the advantage to this as they could each get their own room for the first time since birth. The problem was that dad used this room as his snoring space. But we managed to persuade his parents to hand it over.


Hockey fans take note. Gregory's new bedroom is well worth a standing ovation. The small junk room, where dad was sent when his snoring was rocking the house, has been totally transformed into the perfect teen hangout. Built-in storage uses every available inch in this 11' x 12' room to great advantage, for clothing (under the bed), books and sports paraphernalia (over the desk and bed.) The bed doubles as a sofa and the desk has plenty of space for a computer and other schoolwork. But the center-ice circles painted on the wall and carpet steal the show. Will he dare practice his slap shot down here?

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