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Ivars' Garage
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For the last 30 years Susan begged her husband Ivars to clean out the garage. Now - with a little help from her friend Maila - Susan has taken the matter into her own hands. She has given Debbie and the team the go-ahead to invade Ivars garage and surprise him with a Facelift for his sixtieth birthday.

While Ivars goes fishing over a long weekend, the Facelift team sneak into his garage to attempt a mega clear out. But will Ivars be less than happy when he discovers that we've been sifting through some of his secret belongings, which he'd rather keep hidden?


A picture is worth a thousand words, but this needs only one... HELP!


In spite of Maila and Susan reminiscing over each item they came across, Debbie and the Facelift team were able to clean out the garage, have a yard sale, and reorganize Ivars prized possessions. Even an unused bench-saw he bought 15 years ago and still in its box has resurfaced from beneath a mountain of clutter.

The splash of spicy red on the concrete floor livens up the whole space. Funky storage bins look modern as well as functional. The quirky hooks that we molded from the imprints of family members' hands can hang anything from gardening tools to tennis rackets. Now, there's ample space to house the new workbench for Ivars future woodworking projects, and there's still enough room left to park the car in his super new streamlined garage.

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