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Shelley's Bedroom
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Shelley and her husband Robert have lived in their 70's style house for the past eight years. Shelley has her own PR Company, and Robert is a private consultant. They both work from home, and lead "crazy busy" lives, which allows precious little time for decorating. They have one daughter Cayla, 12, whose dream is to be a designer when she grows up.

Shelley has previously succeeded in surprising Robert but nothing as huge as a Facelift for their home. Robert has wanted to pull one over on his wife for a long time. The Facelift team gave him the perfect opportunity. Robert used his sister's "pretend" gum surgery as an excuse to get Shelley out of the house for three days. So, while she went out of town to nurse her sister in law the Facelift team got cracking to create the perfect bedroom for Shelley. With a little help from Cayla of course.


The Paris's have never attempted any renovations on their own and like most couples keep putting off the dreaded project. Shelley hates her bedroom and on first viewing we understood why. The Facelift crew began by ripping up the carpet and tearing down moldings and trim. We threw out the dated matching floral curtains and duvet cover to make way for Shelley's fabulous new design.


The frumpy florals have been replaced with a stylistically sleek and sexy look: The wood veneered wall panels add a mood of richness and warmth while the addition of the fireplace creates the sexiest ambience. Add the final touches of luxury - satin sheets and a sleek wooden headboard, and now you really do have a bedroom that could light any couple's fire!

As time was of the essence, we quickly freshened up the en suite bathroom with a coat of delicate blue paint which allowed us more time to reinvent the dressing room. We added mirrored doors, a bulletin board in cork for those family snaps and a modern vanity that can store all the clutter. Add Shelley's whimsical touch of show-bizzy lights around the mirror, and you've got a dressing room fit for a star!

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