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Cindy's Living/Dining Room
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Brendan and Cindy met at university and have been married just over two years. They inherited a charming Victorian brick house, which they have stretched their budget to furnish and renovate together.

Cindy works in television, so while she's out-of-town on an assignment for a couple of days, Brendan and the Facelift team attempt a dazzling transformation of their living/dining room. Our riskiest yet! But will Cindy be mad at Brendan for making all the decorating decisions without her?


The original ambience of Cindy and Brendan's living room and dining room was way too sedate for a young couple. The pale green walls did not do justice to their wonderful antique furnishings that Brendan had inherited from his family. The challenge was to modernize the two rooms but to enhance the great bones of the house.


Drama is what was needed for these spaces and there is nothing more dramatic than black and white. The dining room was painted jet black and the living room pure white. Brendan's framed portraits of his American ancestors were the inspiration behind the design. The idea was to add the opulence and elegance of a bygone era but to add the pizzazz and fun of today's decorating. The walls between the two rooms were stenciled with an oversized design, which is very hot in both wallpaper designs and stencils. We added slipcovers to their sofas in black and white, an amazing chandelier made from pieces of glass and much much more. As Cindy said 'very Gothic'.

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