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Suzanne's Kitchen
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They say 'opposites attract'...and that's true in the case of Suzanne and Glenn. He's the artsy musician with the laissez-faire nature; she's the well-educated psychologist who analyzes and organizes everything! While Suzanne is away on business for four days, Glenn conspires with the Facelift crew to makeover the kitchen in Suzanne's favourite style - French country. Will she be thrilled with the results or horrified that her husband played Designer?


Suzanne hates her kitchen, but lacks the inspiration - and the time - to redo it. She and Glenn carried out a number of renovations on the kitchen when they bought their home some years ago. Now it's starting to look a little tired around the edges. The pink laminate cupboards are so 'yesterday', and have to go, and the backsplash is a tad dull. Over all, the whole space is crying out to be revitalized and updated.


The new RONA cupboards were a big hit, and very easy to select and install. The Facelift Team updated the backsplash and, much to Suzanne's delight, added an attractive but functional island to replace the old kitchen table. The soft yellow walls provide a cheerful atmosphere in Suzanne's dreamed-about French Country kitchen and have brightened up the whole room, making it fresh and sunny-looking. C'est superbe!

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