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Tim & Julie's Living Room
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The couple's four teenagers have secretly recruited the Facelift team to help them update the living room, while their parents are at work. The catch? The Facelift team has just eight hours to give Tim and Julieís living room a dramatic makeover.


Tim and Julie are both doctors with busy schedules, and little time to worry about dÈcor. Although their space is bright with some attractive features such as the fireplace, built-in shelves and cozy couches, the overall look seems thrown together.

Daughters Krista and Maia have shown decorating flair by recently painting the dining room walls a vivid red, which mum and dad like. Now, with a little help from the Facelift team, they hope to bring all the positive elements together to make a warm and fashionable statement in the living room.


It was a long eight hours, but with lunch and coffee breaks cancelled; the team managed to pull it off! The grasscloth wallpaper was an instant hit.

The brown slipcovers, which the girlsí initially were unsure of, received the thumbs up when they were placed on the sofas. Decorative moldings on the fireplace, shelves and ceiling added an elegant touch, as did the new coffee table and area rug. The lamps built by the Facelift team won much acclaim, and completed the stunning new look.

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