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Jan & Andy's Kitchen
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After 25 years of marriage, Jan is keeping her first secret from Andy. While Andy is away on business for the week, Jan has enlisted the help of Debbie and the Facelift team to completely redo her kitchen. After the demolition dust has settled, will Andy like the renos or will it mean marriage counseling for the couple?


Jan and Andy had talked about redoing their kitchen, but Andy was always away on business so they never got around to it. The exposed brick and ceiling beams exude a feeling of warmth and the appliances are in modern stainless steel. But the back wall and staircase make the kitchen dark and dingy and give it a closed-in feeling, which Jan hates. The honey-stained cabinets have faded yellow over the years and need to be updated. The entire space needs to be brighter and lighter.


VIVE LA DIFFÉRENCE! Removing the staircase and installing French doors opens up the entire space and brings the garden sunlight pouring into the kitchen. After 8 long days of hard slog, Andy returns to a brand new kitchen; complete with reinvented cupboards, sleek-looking Corian counters and painted tin backsplash. The 'pièce de résistance' is the new kitchen table, which master craftsman Dirk Boder of Panache Fine Furniture made from recycled old pine planks from the kitchen stairs. Andy and Jan think this idea is ingenious, as they get to keep their beloved old stairs refashioned into a classic Shaker-style table.

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